WOD 1 - 10 Min AMRAP

10 HR Partner Push Ups

10 Kettlebell "Ground-2-Overhead" 70/44# - Stone Squat Hold 108/74#

10 Rotating Partner Wall Balls 20/14

10 Trapeze Toes-Over-Bar - Stone Squat Hold 108/74#

* Partners face each other, release hands with chest on the ground, push up and clap with left or right  alternating hands for each rep to count

* One athlete must be holding the stone in a squat, unassisted by the arms on the leg, BEFORE the athlete performing reps starts the Kettlebell G-2-O or Toes-over-bar Movements

* Athletes must achieve full squat, Medball over the prescribed wall mark, and reset past the line (5'/6' back) for Rotating Wall Ball reps to count

* Toes must pass over the trapeze bar and pass behind the athlete for the rep to count

WOD 2 - Heavy Metal


5 for 5 Front Squats 165/105#


4 for 4 Shoulder to Overhead 135/85#


3 for 3 Deadlift 275/175#

* Bar starts empty, athletes load bar initially to front squat weight. They have the remainder of the 3  minutes to complete reps at a forced 5 for 5 pace... athlete 1 MUST finish 5 reps BEFORE athlete 2 starts next 5 reps

* Teams may change the weight on the bar for the next movement at any time BUT may not start the next movement until the buzzer goes off for the next 3 minute AMRAP

* Partial reps at the buzzer WILL NOT count, rep must be completed before time hacks

WOD 3 - Chipper - 15 Min Time Cap

1200m Sandbag Run 65/40#

80m Stationary Partner Tire Pull 110/65

40 - 4 for 4 Sandbag Thrusters 65/40#

32 Over the Box Burpees 30/24"

24 Handstand Push Ups

* Teams get one (1) Sandbag

* Sandbag must be carried by at least one athlete the entire run, may not be dragged, kicked, rolled, or any other way you can think of moving it...

*Sandbag is then placed on the teams tire and pulled with feet stationary with a 30' rope each. It is the athletes responsibility to reset the sand bag if it falls off the tire because of too much pull force...not my fault

* Once tire passes the mark on the ground athletes may begin their Sandbag Thrusters. One teammate MUST finish 4 reps BEFORE the other teammate is allowed to start their 4 reps.

* Over the Box Burpees start OVER THE BOX and finish with a burpee, just like it says... same rule applies with 4 for 4 forced reps

* One person at a time doing the 4 for 4 handstand Push Ups, teammate not performing reps stand directly in front of athlete performing reps

FLOATER - 4 min Cap

To be completed anytime during the day....

Row For Calories

Ground to Shoulder to Overhead 185/115

Teams choose who will Row or Lift first, then they assume either position. Teams have 4 minutes to achieve max reps of Calorie Row and Ground to Shoulder to Overhead while working at the same time. TEAMS MUST SWITCH AT LEAST ONCE! A legit switch is changing positions, feet in the straps, and hands on the bar/handle at least once. If a switch isn't completed, ALL POINTS WILL BE VOID...



  Teams of two athletes - 2 Men or 2 Women - Intermediate to Advanced recommended


CrossFit 916 - Elk Grove, Ca  <---that's a link for Google Maps


  April 19th, 2014 - Registration starts at 7am.  Your teams first heat will be chosen when you get here, following heats will be the same from there out.  First come, first serve with heats, plan/game accordingly.  Heat #1 is scheduled to start at 9am, last heat of the competition will be at 3:50pm, Prizes at 4:15pm-ish.


  Four WODs to be completed for full scoring, three scheduled with heat times and one floater to be completed throughout the day. Within the WODs, there will be multiple scores input for placements.  Old school scoring system; 1st place gets 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points, Team with lowest points at the end of the day wins.  THERE IS NO FINAL WOD!!!  Teams are expected to go 100% all day for the best possible points total. Teams DO NOT have to finish all WODs but will most likely not do so well in placement...

We have designed this competition o be completable by the intermediate to advanced CrossFitter.  Nothing is too technical so as not to scare skeptical athletes away.  THIS IS AN RX COMPETITION!!!  We will be testing your ability to work together, as well as challenge your adaptation to slightly altered simple movements.  Like in years past, there WILL NOT be a 1RM movement, instead a "Heavy Metal" reps WOD will be incorporated.  Take that as serious or lighthearted as you want... Our goal is to test teamwork, efficiency, and strategy through some good ol' nasty WODs.

Thanks to the folks at CrossFit Merced (Anthony and his crew rock!), we are enforcing the "No Asshole Clause", we think they said it best.  Basically, our judges and staff have worked hard to make this a fun, challenging, and fair day.  Please treat them with respect and aim your concerns at Aaron regarding issues throughout the day, don't take it out on your judge!!!


  We will be linking movements to our main Instagram account - @cf916 - and posting random crap to our Facebook page.  Keep on the lookout!

  Don't register if you are looking for a crazy random ass movements competition. I'm not trying to make Drywall's home page... This is CrossFit, not the circus.