2016 Elk Grove Grinder

NOV. 5th, 2016


  Teams of two athletes - 2 Men or 2 Women

RX COMPETITION ONLY, no scaled or Masters Divisions

Our initial registration number is set at 20 Dude teams and 15 Hot Mama teams.  These numbers will go up if demand requires it.


  CrossFit 916 - Elk Grove, Ca  <---that's a link for Google Maps


  November 5th, 2016 - Registration starts at 7:30am.  Your will be placed in Heats prior to the event. Heats and times will stay the same throughout the day.  Heat #1 is scheduled to start at 9am (tentative).


  Four WODs to be completed for full scoring.  Old school scoring system; 1st place gets 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points, Team with lowest points at the end of the day wins.  THERE IS NO FINAL WOD.   In the event of a tie, the winner will be the Team that scores the highest in the Floater.

We have designed this competition to be manageable by the intermediate CrossFitter.  Typical "CrossFit Movements" will be used but MUSCLE UPS ARE NOT IN THIS COMP, babies...  Our goal is to test skills, teamwork, efficiency, awesomeness, and strategery through some good ol' nasty WODs. If you have played before then you know we enjoy mixing things up and making them weird ;)

Why is it sooo cheap??? Shirts will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE at the registration table the morning of.  We will be ordering enough shirts for all competitors but will not be taking shirt size orders.  Both partners need to be present to grab shirts...

We are enforcing the "No Asshole Clause".  Basically, our judges and staff have worked hard to make this a fun, challenging, and fair day.  Please treat them with respect and aim your concerns at either Aaron or a Head Judge regarding issue throughout the day, don't take it out on your judge!!!


Register ASAP to make sure you get in!

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