Front Squat Medley

Prowler Day Compilation

Karin vs. HSPU

Dave Stretching?!

A Big Ol' Groupon Class

Another New Years Eve WOD

New Years Eve WOD


1972 Olympics

Bike WOD

Broad Jumps

12 Mins of AHHHHHHHHH!

Saturday WOD

Hip Explosion!

Jump Rope Warm-up Races!!!

Corey, Pro, and iClay battling a 100m row

Aaron does the St. Patty's Day WOD on vacation

Wes joined up with Blair Morrison to do an afternoon WOD in Fair Oaks

Grinder Video #1

Elk Grove Grinder 3/5/11 from Brian Brooks on Vimeo.


Saturday 1/15/2011 Challenge WOD - No Takers.........

SDHP / Lateral Burpees / AbMat Sit Ups WOD

Chris & Aaron Do "GI Jane"

Kim & Amber do BEAR


11/2/2010 7 p.m. AMRAP

In 'n' Out Fran

Charlie from Sac Valley CrossFit does "Fran"

Amber Getting a PR on Back Squats

Fight Gone Bad 5

Saturday in the Park

Fight Gone Bad Raw Video

Bear Fail

iClay with weighted lunges

Dead Jumps

Ring Push Ups

6 o'clock 9/15/2010

8 o'clock girls 9/15/2010

Jerry's Deadlift