Monday 10/18/2010


Paruse your WOD Log and pick and old enemy to take into a dark alley and beat up.

This was from saturday, Erica getting a little practice on Double Unders 

Lots of good choices on WOD picking today.  Half of everyone wanted to try the Beginner WOD just to make it look rediculous, while others decided to go for the gold.  Everyone doing the Beginner WOD Redux mangled it and posted some scary fast times.  Kim hacked just shy of 2 mins from her original time.

It makes me proud to say that everyone else chose a "Girl" to attack.  Erica got the #1 spot on the leaderboard for "Annie", Amber went Rx'd and takes the #1 spot on Karen (14# MedBall!!!), Bob took on 20 pieces of "Angie", and Suzanne called out "Cindy" (her second actual WOD was ANOTHER Girl, see fridays post).