Friday 10/29/2010 & Saturday 10/30/2010

Farmers Walk Obstacle Course

Men 44 lb Kettlebells / Women 26 lb Kettlebells

Carry the Kettlebells through the maze of random stuff in the gym and finish it off with some swings and front squats.  But remember, if you put them down, you OWE 3 Burpees!!!

BBQ went great, lots and lots of food was brought and eaten...including what was brought for "In n' Out Fran".  Thanks Wes for the awesome (sarcastic) idea. 

November is upon us, if you have any ideas for a holiday WOD or have heard of one from another Box, let me know and we will see what we can do.  Also remember the Paleo Challenge will be coming in January so enjoy the holiday eats while you can....