Late Night Rendezvous

For Time


30 Clean & Jerks



In our efforts to uphold the "constantly varied" prescription of CrossFit, we have an altered olympic bar.  We still haven't named it yet so suggestions are wanted.  You really have to try it to know what it's all about.  It's a standard 45# bar with a 2" i.d. schedule 80 steel tube welded to the inside of the plate mounts (huge thanks to Ryan Lambert for the welding).  The purpose of the bar is to, besides make you feel WEAK, train a stronger grip.  And boy does it work.  If you haven't played with anything like it, I highly recommend a trial run...we are more than happy to let you try.

Today was a good day.  Kimbo and I went to the new Elk Grove affiliate, Sac Valley CrossFit, and helped with their WOD, "Fran".  We are strong believers in the community of CrossFit and wanted to expand our relations with another Box.  So a big thanks to Sac Valley CrossFit for the awesome experience.