Going Heavy


Deadlifts 5x5x5x3x3x3x1x1x1

Since Cody set his goal to Deadlift his body weight, and the fact that we had gone heavy with them, we did heavy deads.  He did it.  Twice.  You go boy.

Larin also wanted to DL her body weight and came real close. I'm positive she will make it next time we go heavy.

On a side note, Nikki and Jerry came over to give this whole CrossFit thing a shot.

Nikki pushed hard thru the Beginners WOD and got a time of 10:50

Jerry wanted to kill it so he BLASTED thru it and got a 6:03...YIKES!!!

A great effort was put in by all today and with a little recovery time, all will be back for some new challenges.