Day 2 For The Copier's

For Time

5 Rounds of

20 Box Jumps

12 Push Press

Camille was the only one to do today's WOD and got 18:09 using the 16" box.  She put out a great effort by finishing the WOD with full box jumps, no step downs.  Kimbo is hurting from yesterdays needle poking at the hospital and she is overly excited to do this one tomorrow night.



GOOD JOB CODY AND LARIN!!!  Check out Cody LEVITATING!  The couple fought thru tonight's intro session WOD, 1-10-1 Box Jumps & Push Presses.  Both went unphased by the box jumps and, even though they didn't want to, finished the push presses with outstanding times.  Make sure you two stretch and drink lots of water.