Bring Out Your "Deads"

1 Deadlift Every 30 Seconds For 10 Minutes,

Adding Weight If / When Able

Heavy Deads were a hit yesterday.  Everyone had a good time and I'm pretty sure they would like to see more heavy lifting in the near future.  They just might...

After the WOD, Nikki decided it wasn't enough for her so she wanted to find her Max Deadlift.  It was a tough battle but she ended up with a 205lb max.  Now I know if I fall over, she can pick me up with ease.  Ha ha, way to go Lady!!

The "beginners" pushed through a grueling Overhead Squat and Burpee WOD.  Although some might have doubted a finishing time, all pushed it up and kept going until the end.  Great work!

I couldn't remember if I had posted any pictures of our tires and gigantic fan on the website so here they are.  Kimbo is standing next to the 300 lb BEAST, which she says she will be flipping here soon.