Time To Put It To Use

10 Min AMRAP of

3 Push Ups

6 Knees-To-Elbows

9 Squats

Today is a FAST paced WOD.  It is designed for all to be able to blast right through, and that's what we expect.  I posted this early for those of you who check the website out daily to give YOU a heads up on what's to come, so you're welcome.  Pictures to come (sorry about not having a camera the past few days).

I wish I had my camera ready for Larin's "Welcome to the Pull Up Bar".  She is a trooper even though she left a little bit of herself in the gym today. 

It was the first time for most doing Knees-To-Elbows and I think everyone handled it very well.  Believe me folks, it gets easier when the hands roughen up a bit.  Good Job Everyone.

Kudos also go to Paralee for rowing 1500m in under 10 minutes.  Way to push through!

Everyone needs to thanks Chowder for his multiple contributions at the gym - the C2 Rower, some timers, and now more kettlebells.  So now when they all magically end up in a WOD you can thank him.

Jerry wanted to find a max for deadlifts since he wasn't here.  I stopped him at 415 lbs. because we couldn't fit anymore on the bar, as seen with the duct tape.