Weekend Madness

This weekend was very busy for us at CrossFit 916.  As promised, all fees aquired have gone to new equipment and amenities to further enhance our athletes' ability to get the most out of us and their training. 

There is a new shelving unit in the "office/kids cage" for athletes to store their personal goods; purses, shoes, clothes, keys, etc.   

Sorry guys, but now we have to clean up after ourselves, and I mean GUYS literally.  Med Balls, AbMats, and Kettlebells are now stored on the "Heavy Equipment Storage Rack". 

What's that in the corner?  Why it's a NEW ROWER!!!!!  When you see Chowder, aka Chris, tell him 'Gee, thanks for the added rowing...', it's all his fault.

Finally, PULL UP STATION IS IN WORKS.  Ryan Lambert, a future CrossFitter, will be taking time out of his schedule to get this thing done this week.  We spent LOTS of time measuring, drilling, and deciding what to do with $400 of steel.  It will be....AMAZING!!! 

Also, we have more new members coming in this week, thanks to all involved who have gotten our name out there.  You MAKE CrossFit 916.  Thank you, thank you, thank you...