Monday, June 7th 2010

For Time

1000m Row

100 Box Jumps OR 500 Jump Rope Singles

800m Run

Pic from Thursday, need to take new one's.


Cheryl & Mike came in today for their first workout and both finished in under 7 minutes!!! We'll get pictures of the two of you tomorrow minus the finger.  Jerry and Nikki pushed had through today's workout after a weekend of rest.  Lindsey came in for day three and worked deads and jump ropes like they were nothing (more weight next time).  Lindsey's friend Rachel decided to come try our beginner workout and currently holds the #2 spot.  Great job today EVERYBODY!!!  Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to our good friend Chris aka "Chowder"!  Can't wait to see you in the gym tomorrow.  We might have to do a special workout just for you.