Thursday, July 29th : "FIGHT GONE BAD"

For Reps:

3 Rounds (1 minute of each exercise)

  • Wall Balls  (m=20#, w=16#)
  • SDHP (m=75#, w=55#)
  • 20" Box Jumps
  • Push Press (m=75#, w=55#)
  • Row for Calories

Rest 1 minute between rounds. (17 minutes total - Clock does NOT stop)


I have to admit...I have been horrified about this workout since day 1.  Finally worked up the courage to give it a try this evening and it was pretty rough but definately not as bad as the "Filthy Fifty" (in Kimbo's opinion). 

Keep in mind that you will see this workout again in the near future.  Our good friends at CrossFit East Sac hold an annual "FGB" fundraiser (Wounded Warrior Project - and CrossFit 916 will have a presence at this year's event.  Please visit the website if you would like more information.  We will take as much participation as we can get from all of you and are looking forward to introducing you all into our local CrossFit community.

Thanks to all who contributed to our bottled water supply today!  You guys did a fantastic job tonight!!!  Last but not least a big welcome to Wesley and Cory (sp?) who stopped in for the beginner WOD, hope you both enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you back in the gym soon.

Good Night...