Saturday 8/14/2010

Lindsey's Last Day: Team WOD


For time with a Partner

200m Overhead Walk 135/95

100 Flutterkicks

100 Hands Off Push Ups

100 Box Jumps

10x 20 yard Sprints per athlete

The Walk and flutterkicks MUST be completed first.  then the rest can be broken up how every you choose.


Named this one for her since she picked all the movements and it was her last WOD (for a while at least).  Lindsey is leaving us to go back to Cal for her next year of College / Softball.  We worked hard with her and made some great improvements in her lifts, pull ups, and especially sprints.  We also have to thank Jocelyn Forest for setting us up with a rough summer training plan for Lindsey.  Let's just keep our eyes on her in the next Cal Softball Season.

Good Luck Lindz! Put that AbMat and jump rope to good use while you're away...