Saturday 8/7/2010

For Time

Team WOD

Complete all of the following in any order with a team mate

50 Tire Flips

8x 100m Weighted Sprints

500 Jump Rope Singles

100 Burpees

Ha ha, I scared a lot of you when you walked in to see this on the board, BUT once I explained it this didn't seem so bad.  Constant work and rep scheduling was the key to this one. 

Kim and Jonathan came in for the first time today, Kim posted a great time for the beginner WOD.  Jonathan on the other hand went BEAST MODE...after deep thought we allowed him to try the team WOD on his own.  I have to pre game this by noting that he is a Senior in college and on the row team, PHENOMINAL athlete, completed the whole thing in less than 25 mins.  Thanks for coming in and motivating us to keep up the training.