Saturday 1/29/2011

Team WOD For Time

Teams of 2 complete the following

40yrd sprint (out and back 20yrds) x 8

Push ups for reps

40yrd sprint (out and back 20yrds) x 8

Sit Ups for reps

40yrd sprint (out and back 20yrds) x 8

Squats for reps

400m Run

While person 1 is sprinting, person 2 will complete max reps of said movement.  Total number of reps will be worth -1 second from end time.

This is a tester for my Air Force Reserve squadron.  I have been devising WODs for 50-100 people with minimal equipment.  So far it's going ok, just have to remember WHO my target group is. 

We have a few more entries in the grinder.  Looks like the Men's and Women's divisions are at around 8 competitors each right now.  We have brought the maximum number of registered down to 20 online.  This will MOST LIKELY leave 4 spots available for "day of" entries.  On a side note, it is OK to sell your spot for the event if you can't make it and a friend wants to.  Email or call us to let us know so we can adjust the roster and get the persons info.


Check out Wes taking a shot at "Linda" a.k.a. 3 Bars of Death