Thursday 3/10/2011

For Time

12 -> 1 Reps of

Power Snatch 75/55

Kettlebell Swing 53/35

Yesterday and Wednesday was TOO much legs, let's hit those shoulders! 

There is a Practical Paleo Workshop on March 19th hosted by CrossFit 209 Sport.  See the flyer on the fridge or go to their link above for more info.

Kimbo and I will be gone from March 16th - 21st.  The gym will still be open from 4-7 pm for everyone to enjoy.  See us for more details...

Here are the winners of the SteelFit 2 Minute Pull Up Challenge.  Gary Baron of Rocklin CrossFit scored 79 and Valerie Calhoun of Rocklin CrossFit scored 63.  Awesome job and thanks to SteelFit for sponsoring the challenge - STEELFIT