2011 Elk Grove Grinder

The Grinder was a huge success! 

---------- Women ----------

Kasey Beckman - 1st Place

Lynn Hunter - 2nd Place

Jennie McKernan - 3rd Place

---------- Men ----------

Blair Morrison - 1st Place

Gabe Subry - 2nd Place

Trent McKernan - 3rd Place


I have a long list of people to thank.....

- Jason Benade at Sac Valley CrossFit for loaning us 4 Olympic Bars and producing 3 judges - Henry, Anna, and Christina

- All my judges, helpers, and volunteers that took time out of their day to help us out - the 3 above, Renee, Isiah, Jensen, Erica, Camille, Kim, Allison, Uncle Greg, Al, Ranice, Cameron, Steph, Josh, Wes, Andy, Johnny, all from CF 916, Dan from Good Times CrossFit, Brett from CrossFit Sacramento, Tianna and Jason from CrossFit Centurion, Kristen and Cassidy from "Corey's Gym", and everyone else that I had doing random stuff during the day

- DJ Pro and Co. for providing WOD music throughout the day

- Kevin at Carpenter Video for getting HD footage of the competitors in action

- All our Sponsors - Progenex, Life AsRx, BW Products, LockJaw, SteelFit, Sanguine Jump Ropes, and Lambert Manufacturing

- All the athletes for coming in and battling thru 3 grueling WODs.  Also for helping make the day go smoothly by being in place for Heats and for tolerating our little mistake at the end

- All the Affiliates for getting the word out to their athletes about the Grinder and sending spectators to root on said athletes

We will be posting pics in our media section on the website as well as on our Facebook page for athletes to check out. Also if you have pics you would like us to add to the video montage, send it via email.  We have a bunch but the more the better.

I left the memory card at the box, as well as the results, so I will post everything tomorrow

Blair Morrison, 1st Place winner, wrote a blog about the Grinder, you can see it on his website HERE