"Inches Rounds & Pounds" Challenge

18 April - 30 May.

Details will be on the Green Wall Board but here's a few to start you off

- "inches" will be percentage of inches lost between first and final measurements, NOT TOTAL INCHES LOST

- "rounds" won't really be rounds, it's REPS, but rounds rhymes better.  It will be measured by percentage of gained reps between first and final tester WOD.

- "pounds" will be percentage of weight difference between first and final CrossFit Total

- Participants can win MORE THAN ONE of the three parts

- You MUST be in the gym a MINIMUM of 3 days per week throughout the entire 6 weeks.  Of course there will be a few exceptions; illness, work issues, and punch card people

- You may choose your Diet - Paleo, Zone, Soy Zone, Paleo Zone, Atkins, Organic Only, Vegan, etc.

- $10 buy in for all involved.  All money will be dispersed evenly between the THREE winning challenges

This challenge can only BENEFIT YOU!!!