And the Winners are....

The 6 Week Inches Rounds and Pounds Challenge is OVER!!!

There were 3 ways to win -

- Percentage of Inches lost

- Percentage of reps gained in a Fight Gone Bad Style WOD

- Percentage of gains in the CrossFit Total

The winners are...

Brooke Parrish - INCHES - 10.93% Lost = 10.5 Inches total

John Hutchinson - ROUNDS - 15.74% Gained = 235 initial reps / 272 final reps

Jaime Kerr - POUNDS - 16.50% Gained = 257.5 initial CFT / 300 final CFT

Congratulations on the hard work and extra effort put into this challenge.  There were TONS of gains and losses from all involved.  We have started a new strength program and will be holding another "diet" challenge around mid summer, if summer ever gets here...