Partner Medley - 8 min AMRAP

P1 4 Handstand Push Ups

P2 Max Rep Power Cleans 115/75

*P1 does 4 Handstand Push Ups while P2 completes Max Rep Power Cleans. Once P1 is done with the 4 HSPU they run 50ft to switch places with P2. P2 then runs 50ft to the wall and performs 4 HSPU. Continue for the 8 mins. Post Rounds and number of Power Cleans performed.


24 min Continuous Death By 1,2,3...

Clusters 185/115

Over the Bar Lateral Jumps (over and back is one)

*Score is total reps completed

*If you don't finish a round due to bell ringing you may count the completed reps of that round but MUST start back at one the following round