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2014 Elk Grove Grinder is this Saturday, April 19th, 2014.  Come out and see these athletes give it their all!!!


Click above and do some work people!!!

New Saturday Hours

8am Regular class - Free for anyone, bring a friend

9am Kids Class - Open to 1st 10 kids signed up after Tuesday prior, Members only

9:30am Regular Class - Free for anyone, Bring a friend

    Are you tired of the everyday monotony in your "Globo-gym"?  Do you need some motivation to kick start your way back into a fitness program, tone your body and maybe shed a few pounds?  Now is the perfect time to come drink the kool-aid and join us at CrossFit 916 for some unparalleled training and inspiration!

     You will experience the difference in our gym from the minute you walk in the door!  We have built our CrossFit gym from the garage up and pride ourselves in maintaining the practices of CrossFit's culture and philosophy.  Our rich training program includes metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, gymnastics and uses functional movement which translates directly into your everyday life.  Here at CrossFit 916 we also offer nutrition information, diet plans and mobility routines that contribute to the success of our athletes.  

   If you are worried about making a commitment to CrossFit...DON'T BE. Previous experience is not required for you to train with us.  Everything is scale-able to your ability level and we have athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes in the gym.  Give us a shot for one month and try NOT to become addicted! We look forward to working with you!

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